Maple design (Garden)
Nice home Series (Kitchen)
Flower & Bird decoration (Garden)
Nice Drink (Party)
Polka Dots decoration
Watering Cans
Metal Bucket
Gardening Planter & Flower Pot
Herb Pot
Children Garden & Garden tool
Garden Trellis & Topiary
Bread Box
Canister set
Kitchen Accessories
Cake Stand
Napkin Holder
Fruit Basket
Mail box & Household Utility
Colour Coated Bucket
First Aid Kit Box & Cabinets
Party ware & Ice Bucket
Mini Tin Items
Coal Hod & Fireplace set
Household Flower Holder
Wire Baskets
Stainless Steel Bucket
BBQ Oven & Grill
Toilet brush
Bathroom Accessories
Over Door Hook
Trash Can & Dustbin
Pet Accessories



We located in Jiangmen city, Guangdong, China. Jiangmen city is a famous manufacturing base of hardware products and stainless steel products in China. We start on manufacturing from 1995 and learn international trade from 2005.

Recent years, we keep attending international fairs to open up our eyes on the world.

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